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5 Nights 

Included in the >Yoga Retreat<

  • Yoga-Sessions
  • 3/4-Luxury Board


15. – 20. March 2024
19. – 24. April 2024
07. – 12. June 2024
13. – 18. December 2024

from EUR 1.818,- per person

from EUR 2.396,- for 2 persons

Yoga and Karmic Astrology

​Eclipse energy flow with
Alisa Feist & Steph Jaksch

During this retreat, in the midst of the eclipse energy, we will be combining yoga and astrology to create an exceptional experience of self-reflection through personal astrology readings by Alisa paired with yoga and meditation by Steph.

We will develop an individual yoga flow, based on the current planetary energy and your personal birth chart. Together, we will work to expand your understanding of the cyclical phases of life, which hold the key to unlocking the secrets of both the universe and yourself as a divine part of it. We will harness the power of the eclipse and integrate it into our lives, on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

About Alisa & Steph

Steph Jaksch is one of the most famous yoga teachers from Germany, who recently moved to Lisbon.

She knows that we have to keep the body healthy in order to be happy and successful. Through her praxis, and various trainings she learned how to use the body to transform emotional topics and provide a faster personal growth.

She trained NYC Style Jivamukti Yoga and completed her training in 2003, followed by a continuing education in Munich with Patrick Broome and many international teachers like Mark Whitwell, Brian Kest and Gurmukh. Already in 2005, she gained her advanced teacher certificate.

She knows how to bring across her approach to the ancient techniques in her very sympathetic way. With a good portion of humor, she guides in precision to detail and takes you by the hand to a journey of self-discovery. 

She works mainly with Vinyasa Yoga and incorporates elements of Kundalini Yoga, functional training, breath awareness and meditation.

Alisa Feist is a Berlin-based psychological astrologer with a multi-layered approach. Originally self-taught, she has been studying and loving the wonderful world of Astrology since she was only a child. Having worked with hundreds of people’s horoscopes the focus of her research is Karmic Astrology and familial patterns. Alisa’s work combines psychological and spiritual perspectives. Knowing the date, time and place of birth, she gives an accurate insight into multiple layers of personality. She helps her clients get clarity around their talents, psychological patterns, blockages and blind spots so that they can see clearly the blueprint of their soul and reconnect and trust their intuition. 

Alisa uses different predictive methods to define the most important themes which are currently being triggered.


26. – 29. October 2023

EUR 1.720,- single room

EUR 2.630,- double room (EUR 1.315,- p.P.)

Quinta da Comporta X The Gladstone Fall into Winter

Functional Training and Yoga Bootcamp with Ricardo Gayle & Steph Jaksch

Join us as we are getting ready for the colder months to come. Let’s boost our immune system, get stronger, gain flexibility in our bodies, calm our mind while immersing in the autumn sun and beauty of Comporta in the comfort and luxury of the Quinta de Comporta oasis and their treatments.

Steph and Ric are joining forces in this bootcamp retreat that brings you functional training, deep stretching, Vinyasa Yoga mixed with elements of Kundalini Kriyas, Breathwork and Meditation.

You can choose to join the full program or pick your treats of yoga, bodyweight training or just meditation or optional book private sessions.

The signature bootcamp class taught by Ric and Steph is a mix of HIIT and bodyweight training, dynamic Yoga and deep relaxation; underlined by a great musical soundtrack that gets you motivated as well as assists you in winding down from the week and relaxes your mind and nervous system.

You will have fun, sweat out the stress and get a great workout weekend. You will leave fitter, stronger more at peace, happy and relaxed. Ready for the more introverted time of winter. 



6:00 p.m. – welcome and relax yoga with Steph



8:00-8:30 a.m. – HIIT Training with Ric

followed by breakfast

Time to enjoy the nature

5.30 p.m. – Bootcamp class with Ric and Steph 90 min

Dinner is early so you can get a good rest and we start again in the early morning.


7:45-8:15 a.m. – HIIT with Ric

8:30-9:30 a.m. – soft flow yoga and breath work with Steph 


5:00-6:30 p.m. – 90 min Bootcamp signature class with Ric and Steph

followed by a meditation (optional) 

8:00 p.m. – Dinner


Sleep in

9:30-10:45 a.m. – Morning stretch yoga

Breakfast and rest

3:00 p.m. – Bootcamp class 



16.-19. November 2023

book your massages in time to make sure you can get the desired appointments to make this a weekend to treat your temple and start with endorphins into the next week

EUR 1.330,- single room

EUR 2.066,- double room (EUR 1.033,- p.P.)